Carbon Footprint Certificate

CarboFoot application has been designed with environmental concerns in mind. For this reason, it would not be correct to define it as a blockchain or cryptocurrency project.
The CarboFoot app encourages people to reduce their carbon footprint. It uses a special algorithm to detect carbon footprint reductions most accurately and reliably. It also has additional software and community-supported security measures.
With these methods, CarboFoot detects the carbon footprint that users have reduced and certifies them digitally. There is an in-app marketplace for these certificates. Users earn income by selling these carbon footprint reduction certificates they have.
People who do not have the time and opportunity to do the activities within the CarboFoot application but want to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment, by purchasing the carbon footprint certificates of others, both reward the activities and efforts of the CarboFoot user and reduce the carbon footprint of that they leave on the nature.