To prevent carbon emissions, all institutions and individuals have duties besides the states. CarboFoot is an environmentalist and innovative cycling to earn, recycling to earn, solar energy to earn, plant or donate tree seedlings to earn project that mobilizes people for preventive effects on carbon emissions.

By taking action with CarboFoot's lifestyle and social networking application 'CarboFoot', you contribute to energy savings, reduce carbon emissions, stay in shape by burning calories with various physical movements, increase your quality of life, and make important touches to the development of collective life with the development of environmental consciousness. With CarboFoot, you reduce your carbon footprint with every kilometer you pedal, every glass and plastic you recycle, every tree sapling you plant or donate, and every kilowatt-hour of electricity you produce, and you earn rewards for it.

You can increase your earnings by using the rewards you have earned in the market within the application,2and you will certify your contribution to nature by obtaining a special "Carbon Footprint Reduction Certificate" in return for theThis certificate you earn can be purchased or cashed by voluntary buyers on the "Carbon Footprint Certificate" platform by CarboFoot stakeholders.

By starting a social movement, CarboFoot aims to reduce the carbon footprint left by human habits on the earth and to audit and certify this reduction most accurately. For this purpose, it takes the support of blockchain technology to facilitate in-app operation.

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