How to Reduce Carbon Footprint with CarboFoot App nad earn?

In the CarboFoot application, choosing bicycles for transportation to reduce carbon emissions, recycling recyclable wastes such as plastic bottles and batteries for energy saving, planting saplings to increase forest areas, and electricity from solar energy, which is one of the most efficient ways among clean and renewable energy. There are four environmentally friendly ways to produce it.

You can increase your earnings by doing various tasks within the application or by increasing your level in the CarboFoot marketplace and increasing the Carbon Footprint Multiplier.

CarboFoot app is also social networking and lifestyle app. Thanks to the application, you can do activities with your friends and make the CarboFoot acquisition process fun. Your friends are also your rivals. CarboFoot can take advantage of various rewards by being at the top of the league.

Download the CarboFoot app, buy what you want from a limited number of bicycles, recycle, solar energy and tree tickets, reduce carbon emissions and generate income.

  1. Download the CarboFoot app from Google Play or the Appstore.

  2. After downloading the application, register and activate with the link sent to your e-mail.

  3. There are four types of activities in the app:

    • Cycling,

    • Recycling,

    • Planting or donating tree saplings,

    • Generating electricity with solar energy.

  4. There are 10 levels for each event.

  5. Choose and buy the activities and levels you want to do.

  6. You are now ready to do the activities.

  7. You can do as many events as you have, reduce your carbon footprint, and generate income.

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